One In A Million

I awakened from my sleep one night
So many things goin’ on I my mind
I remembered all the words my father said
I’ve been left so far behind

Well you have to understand you’re a big boy now
And it’s time that you come to your senses
You’ll never amount to anything
If you spend your whole life pretending

You’re just a dreamer
You’re one in a million
You have such a wild imagination
And one thing that I have to tell you
Rock and roll is going out

Well, I sit at home all by myself
And I sing a new melody
‘Cause I’m tired of hearing the same old songs
Tired of playing make-believe

Now don’t fret child, it’ll be alright
It’s just another fantasy
But don’t waste your time waiting in line
For the cover of the magazines

I was eighteen and began to give guitar instruction to aspiring rockers who were from seven years old to almost seventy. My studio was actually my bedroom, which I’m sure was a little weird for parents dropping of their youngsters for their 30-minute lessons.

This song came to life from the opening guitar growl (in which I was holding my acoustic at the time!) When the chorus began at Amajor and the next chord was Bmajor/A, it was only a matter of time that I strummed the angelic G#minor then the C#minor was the next obvious choice. The combination of the crunchy dinosaur guitar and the heavenly minor chords produced such a interesting composition.

The basic tracks were assembled in Louisville, Kentucky in an old abandoned building on Main Street. The harmonies, though mixed too low, were added at my studio in New Albany, Indiana. The tempo varies uncomfortably at the beginning, but the attitude and the essence of the song was successful.


from Forgotten Songs, released 15 September 2012
© 1977 Diamond Mike Watson
Guitars and lead vocals- Diamond Mike Watson
Piano- Jay Goldstein
Harmony- Pam Gurnsey
Spike Studio- Louisville, KY. Mixed at Trigon Studio- New Albany, IN