The Vacation


Ah, vacation at last. My feet dangles in the warm Bahamas sand from a lounge chair. My wife and two daughters are splashing in the blue Atlantic Ocean in front of me. The Atlantis Hotel is at my back.

It is ever so slight, but I feel a tiny rock or sea shell in my sandals.  No big deal, but it  bothers me enough to squirm uncomfortably.  I could just remove them, but with all the Velcro straps it would take a lifetime to put them back on.

Wait, my nostrils begin to flare, there is a sneeze growing inside. They are always intense and come in sets of three.  My nose twitches and begins to scrunch. I can’t guarantee if it is really a sneeze approaching. Maybe it’s the suntan lotion mixed with a tiny grain of sand under my nose. I give it a quick swipe. Yes, just a little sand.

Wait, now I feel a tiny itch under my left arm. It is in the armpit. If I scratch it the bathing beauty next to me will see me and make a disgusting frown.  I could just reach over like I’m hugging myself and make two quick finger claws.   No one would notice. The urge is stronger. My right hand begins to clench, ready for the moment to reach across and dig my fingers into the hairy area.  Ah, yes. Relief. The skimpily clad tourist didn’t notice.

My arm dangles down to the sand. I pick up a small fanged object.  A sharks tooth? They don’t have to worry because one missed molar is always replaced by another. Hmm, I think my tooth hurts now. I’m not sure but I think there is a slight throbbing on my left jaw.

That must be my imagination. Of course it hurts because I was simply thinking about teeth. I should know that. We draw into our lives the thoughts that we think.
If I want to enjoy my vacation,  I need relax and focus on the serenity of tropical paradise. Ah, the Caribbean.  No stress, no worries. I slurp the last drop of my rum and coconut elixir.

I shift my attention to the waves gently lapping the sand. The calm splashing of the sea overcomes the laughter of my family near the waters edge. Relaxing, splashing, crashing. Water dripping everywhere. Calm, wet sand.

Great. Now I gotta pee.

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