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Legendary Contest Becomes Franchise

The Why Mom Deserves a Diamond® contest began to grow rapidly over the years. As essays began to tower to the ceiling of Gallery of Diamonds jewelers, a franchise and technological change was brewing.  We hired software experts who worked at companies such as Adobe, Yahoo, Google, Apple, NASA, and 20th Century Fox.  We conducted months of research, and joined hands with thousands of public and private schools across the United States.

Since academic achievement and the desire to increase the self-esteem of children was our goal, the school system began adding the contest to its curriculum.  Thousands of kids now had the opportunity to express their feelings for their mothers while also learning powerful writing techniques.Image

From writing to reading to listening to the essay submissions, there was no doubt that every person the contest had touched was being benefitted.  Selling thousands of mother’s jewelry pieces was never my intention, but was a consequence of the sincere intentions to create a wonderful and eternal memory between a mother and her child. The beauty and power of the contest was now in the hands of a few persons, and my mission was to ensure its continued positive aspects.  Key employees signed disclosures to conceal the secrets of the contest. The management system manual was written and locked away.

Today the contest is a franchise that is offered to jewelers who share my mission of giving every child the opportunity to express their words of appreciation for their mothers.

3 thoughts on “Legendary Contest Becomes Franchise”

      1. Sure…I love the concept. I’m in Australia but if there is anything I can do, just let me know.
        To be successful doing something you love sounds right to me. You deserve your success – it has come out of love. Jen

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