The New Millenium

On the first day the millennium, I took my family to an amusement park.  With the car windows tightly sealed, we could barely hear the swish of our impatient freeway neighbors.  As my wife was calming a scuffle between my two daughters in the back, I remembered attempting to pay one last utility bill.  I hurriedly scrawled a check just moments before we left the house, writing 1-1-2000 in the upper corner, pronouncing the words as I penned them- “one, one, two thousand.” The words echoed back strangely.

As the car returned to silence, I sensed the significance of the day as a new era for humankind.  If God made a State of the Union Address for the next one thousand years, what would God say?  Would we be reminded about the Golden Rule, to love each other as we love ourselves?

After finding the next off-ramp, I resolved that God would want us to recognize God in every person we meet.  That is, if there truly is a divine element in all of us, it should be discovered and used in our daily living.

We arrived at the park and waited in line for a roller coaster.  A wooden beam said, “Amy loves Jeff-2000.”  Further down was “John and Lisa- 2000.” And further still was carved, “Jesus-2000.”  I remembered smiling.  Someone other than myself had been thinking the same thoughts.

5 responses to “The New Millenium

  1. Enjoyed this post. It reminded me how easy it is to be caught up with living life and how easy it is to forget to being a person which is about showing love. That is often our lasting legacy.

  2. I enjoyed this insight! It would be awesome if God would give up a annual address. Maybe He could tell us where to put are focus….UP! 🙂 Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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