Childhood Memories, Poetry

Because She Loved Me First



Martha Velia Watson
March 15, 1920 – September 14, 2006

Mom woke me softly in the morning
And readied me for school
Speak kind words to everyone
Obey the Golden Rule

With a gentle hug and kiss
She handed me a sack
Potato sticks, with snacks and fruits
Were very neatly packed

Her endless love embraced me
Even while at play
She was the warm sun glowing
As I ran throughout the day

“I hope you like my art,” I said
“I made it just for you”
My mom was always proud of me
Despite the smears of blue

Although I’d drawn outside the lines
She praised me anyway
And on the table by the door
She framed it for display

With open ears she sat to hear
My worries of the day
The problems seemed to disappear
With caring words to say

Then adventure burned my soul
To search for distant lands
She spoke three things before I left
I held her wrinkling hands

Remember that I love you
And before I closed the door
Remember to love others
And there was just one more

Remember that I chose you
To be my very own
Now my dear adopted son
Into a man you’ve grown

The tears I cry are from joy
For my mom will never die
Because she’ll live within my heart
As long as I’m alive

Now in every face I meet
My mom smiles back at me
Her priceless gift was her flame
Of blinding Light, you see

Through every desert I may walk
My soul will never thirst
I learned to love myself, and you
Because she loved me first

Martha Velia Watson was my adoptive mother. She was born March 15, 1920, in Lily, Kentucky.

During World War ll, she worked in Cincinnati, Ohio, sanding molds for airplane parts. She married in 1944 and moved to New Albany, Indiana. Martha was a compassionate listener and one who forgave easily. She was also slow to criticize, yet quick to encourage.

In 1993, the Why Mom Deserves a Diamond® contest was established in her name to give kids the opportunity to express their appreciation for their own moms. Since then, the contest has positively touched millions of people.

She may always be known as the first mother to inspire this legendary contest.

© 2006 Diamond Mike Watson. Feel free to repost, with link! For permission to re-publish, please contact

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