Adopted Like Me – Progression of cover design

First idea using mother and child cameo with roses and diamond.

Too surreal with color inverted landscape. Artificial light behind cameo.

The title changes. Eye catching with vivid colors, but too science fiction.

Great contrast, but too mysterious with dark skies and ghost-like cameo.

Uninspiring and confusing use of fonts.

Too feminine with confusing use of cameos.

Too busy with shapes and letter fonts. No visual direction.

Use of blue and white gives appearance of medicine advertisement.

After three months, the final cover of the Guatemalan landscape is inviting, inspires hope, and allows observer to dream. Design guides observer in a pleasant top-left to clockwise direction.


5 responses to “Adopted Like Me – Progression of cover design

  1. I always enjoy seeing the creative process that goes into formulating the final design. Many people do judge a book by its cover, and each of these gives off a very different “feel” from the others. I’m glad that you stuck with it until you got a cover that felt right for you.

  2. I like a few of the ones you apparently foud didn’t quite fit, but as the writer, only you know what fits best, and I’ve never read it. But I do like the cover you went with in the end. It looks great.

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