We Love Dirty Dishes!

Written by Diamond Mike Watson

“One hundred forty-one degrees and rising!” I yelled.

“Not high enough!” Mark replies over the roar of the giant droid-like dishwasher.  “The water needs to be at least one hundred and forty-five degrees to sanitize.”

“More dirty bowls and cups!” Molly calls out from behind my shoulder.

“Load ‘em over here.” I reply, my voice almost drowned out by the whooshing of Big Bertha.

A table parent peeks inside the noisy kitchen. “Can we have more bread, please?”

“Comin’ up.”  Raul already balances a tray of fresh baked in one hand as he rushes to the hungry table.

“Better hurry up and dry,” Molly says.  I got a train load of plates and silverware to be scrubbed.”

“Bring ‘em on,” Mark says. “We love dirty dishes!”


Feel free to repost, with link! For permission to re-publish, please contact info@galleryofdiamonds.com

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