The Mystery of Estate Jewelry


I love the jewelry business. I am also a crazy buyer of vintage and estate jewelry. Estate jewelry may have never been worn, or it may have been enjoyed and then bequeathed to a family member. I am one jeweler who is not quick to melt the gold or recut the diamonds. I prefer finding a person who, like myself, can peer into the unique sparkle of the gems and become lost in the secrets of the past. Behind every piece of estate jewelry is a story of romance and mystery.

To see my collection of vintage and estate jewelry, please visit my site:

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About Diamond Mike Watson

Diamond Mike Watson lives in Orange County, California. He is the CEO of Gallery of Diamonds Jewelers and the founder of the Why Mom Deserves a Diamond writing contest. Established in 1993 in honor of his adoptive mother and birth mother, the contest is now in honor of all moms. He is an author, a gemologist, and a music writer. To contact Diamond Mike, call 949-476-2000, or email
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One Response to The Mystery of Estate Jewelry

  1. Hey that sounds realy dramatic “Behind every piece of estate jewelry is a story of romance and mystery”. :) I like it! But yaa, I agree and belive that jewelries are designed with some or the other inspiration that has a special meaning and thus is depicted in the jewelry itself. I would also like to share the collections of Man made simulated diamonds rings .
    That was a simple and sweet share. :)

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